A Whole New Era

by Dick Adams

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Enjoy the album.


released January 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Dick Adams Lloydminster, Alberta

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Track Name: Last Chance To Dance
The lights are coming on, there's people going home, but you are not alone, so move it how you want.
Its your last chance to dance
Track Name: We Got Tonight
We Got Tonight, ain't got tomorrow
Track Name: Rock And Roll - featuring Earl Stevenson
Don't sell your records, keep em for a rainy day, then you and buddy holly, can sing the day away.
And we don't have any pennies left, for the juke box machine,
we'd rather be dancing, if you know what I mean, you know what i mean.
Rock and Roll, Rock and Roll, Rock and roll,
Coming out of your stereo
Track Name: Lord I Wonder
I've seen times are bad, I've seen times are worse, sometimes, this heart of mine, it might have been a curse
And I say, oh lord, when will my time come?
Lord i wonder, lord I wonder.
Track Name: This Is Love
This is love, calling you.
Track Name: Staring at the Stars
Tupac, Biggie, John Lennon, Talkin bout dylan, dreamin bout heaven, when the girls from the beach walked in. Summertime, john waynes insance, rolls royce, 8 ball and a headache, elvis is punching elvis again.
Its a long long night,
staring at the stars
long long night
Track Name: Friday Night
Come on baby, Take a ride with me, we'll go driving, in the country, just relax, we can't lose what we don't have, we can't lose what we don't have when its just you and me.
On a Friday Night,
yeah we're cursing in my pick up truck all night, listen to the down home songs on the radio, come on baby come on baby go go go
Track Name: Folk Singer
He's drinking alcohol, he mumbles metaphors he's knocking boots down, and kickin with the doors, he's maxed his credit card, he sleeps on hardwood, he'd like to hit the road if only he could,
He's a folk singer
Track Name: Wake Up! - featuring Earl Stevenson
Wake up! Get out there! Go for it!
We got no time to waste, Yeah!